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June 19, 2011
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tomftf by Th3R0b tomftf by Th3R0b
the obligatory macshot for the fagweek.

This is outrageous! u ppl are having a fagweek and nobody told me!
...well it's a good thing I noticed so I too can go on and post a
fag contribution.

Okey, its fagweek! post ur macclone!

...oh! almost forgot, the obligatory "this is a linux shot in macstyle
which makes it automagically much better then a actual macshot" comment,
here it comes: much better then mac.

This whole thing is loaded with sarcasm for all the pathetic linux
fanboys out there.
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thales-img Nov 19, 2011  Student General Artist
What's this plasma theme?
Thx!'s not plasma.
DavidOteroNavarro Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
could you share your bespin and window borders config, please? It looks great :)
what? rly? just activate "uno" in bespin :)

I'm glad u like it but really is just another
macclone :)

the window borders are bespin....

...this should be the somewhat config I used
atm of this scrot : [link]

just c/p the contents into a file called
uno-aqua.bespin -> import in bespin
dialog -> load in bespin dialog :)

Have phun!
DavidOteroNavarro Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I saved the text as "uno-aqua.bespin" and I imported it to bespin, but I have some problems:
-How do I acrivate "uno" in bespin? (I'm nearly new with bespin AND KDE theming and customizing)
-My Dolphin doesn't quite look like yours (well, nothing does in fact)... I guess it has something to do with that "uno" thimg, but also with the color scheme and icons... Which icons are u using?
-How do I get rid of the "places" (kinda breadcrums) pf Dolphin? And that nice sidebar? And that toolbar with separated icons? (i tried adding separators, lots of them, but they did almost nothing)
-And last but not least: How can I configure the bespin window borders to be like yours?
I hope I could get it working because that's a really good theme for KDE, I like so much that kinda "Elementary" and macish style...
I hope seeing more good stuff like this soon!
>>-How do I acrivate "uno" in bespin?
It's activated in the preset I gave u,
it makes the toolbars "a part" of the
titlebars, a'la mac os x 10.6 :)
In bespin config dialog under windows
there is a tab called UNO.

>>Which icons are u using?
Bespin icons and [link] for folders.

>>-How do I get rid of the "places" (kinda breadcrums) pf Dolphin?
u don't, I coded a QAction in bespin and
added it to the dolphin window, which
allows me to toggle it with a keycombo :)
(did the same for the dolphinstatusbar).
If u are serious about wanting this then
I'd suggest u mail Peter Penz (author of
dolphin) as this is really a feature for
dolphin, not a qstyle like bespin.

>>And that nice sidebar?
what nice sidebar, it's just a square
view with absolutely nothing fancy :)

>>And that toolbar with separated icons?
Lots of toolbars that I've dragged around
on the window :)

>>How can I configure the bespin window borders to be like yours?
U mean the maclike shapes for close/min/max?
I just rewrote the shapes for them, Thomas I
doubt will never add this.

>>I hope I could get it working because that's a really good theme for KDE,

errrrr, no. It was just a stupid clone I posted here
because I was mad as f**k at the elementary idiots.
>>I like so much that kinda "Elementary" and macish style...
Hmmm, then why not activate elementary and have
qt apps follow gtk style?

Hope I've answered all ur questions.... feel
free to ask more, and the more specific u
are in ur questions, the more specific I
can be in my answers. Have a nice weekend man!

LaGaDesk Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Much better than a mac shot because it's linux! :lol:
Hehe, well, actually it's impossible
to make linux look as good as mac os :)

The whole system is built with design
concepts in ming.
LaGaDesk Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh, I think sometimes it looks really better than MacOS. But I like this complete look of Mac OS. GTK apps are really ugly in KDE.

Whatever you mean with "ming"? :?
Hmmm, that's not possible, glad u like it tho :)

Iffff u like/use qtcurve or oxygen then there is
a gtk counterpart engine u can use to make the gtk
apps look exactly the same as qt ones :)


and the qtcurve should be installable through package
management system... just search qtcurve gtk or something
like that :)

>>Whatever you mean with "ming"?
Okey okey, are u sarcastic? :D I know I had a typo,
but I tried to correct it, I meant mind. :)
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