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August 30, 2013
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rage by Th3R0b rage by Th3R0b
a screenshot... not much changed from latest but I like to spam.
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this is still Bespin? god damn you should write your own DE xD
i really share your style i really like
BTW, im trying to do my first steps around Bespin, trying to modify the tabbing.ccp file (i will be honest i hate Bespin's default tabs)

BTW in your screenshot i just wanna change the toolbar buttons with i dont know, perhaps another kind of frames, they say nothing to me, but i don't know how they should be
yes and no, based on bespin yes. my own DE?
no, I really should not, if u like the style then
'you should really write your own style' :)

those tabs are however not painted by the style,
but by the application... (like google chrome does).
if u wanna re-write the tab-painting then ur in
for some hard work, as the approach bespin
does "only" has to take vertical/horizontal tabbars
in to consideration. Some more 'normal' tabpainting
has to take all 4 sides, and do completely different
painting for them (eg. tabs on bottom should point
downward and tabs on left should point to left).
read the docs for QTabWidget and QTabBar.

the toolbar buttons are pretty much standard
etched buttons.... nothing more nothing less :)
thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that docs i needed :D.
im trying to understand how Bespin paint his tabs but im very lost, so first im understanding how to themeing in QSS and well this is my first silly work
so, im thinking you use QSS to paint osx tabs? and you use some png or something like that? or you model all the shapes?
sorry for thats silly questions, but im very intrested in learn how to modify that tabs :D
how bespin paints the tabs? -that's really simple
actually, where there is a tabbar it paints a rounded
rect over the whole area, then where there is a
active tab, it also paints a rounded rect. However,
iffffffff u actually want to re-implement the tabpainting
then u have to be ready to really learn this.... since
u gotta understand how to draw text w/ qpainter
and so forth.... w/o any painting there is *nothing*
being painted on the tabbar.... u have to paint *everything*

This is what I do yes, this is absolutely not what u
should do if u are simply looking to style some osx
tabs, simply steal some tab pixmaps from a osx
scrot and use those w/ qss. -> thats easy :)

'model all shapes?' <- not sure what that means...
...I use a QPainterPath to create the shape...
...then QPainter to do the actual painting on the widget.

Not silly questions at all, however, I strongly suggest
u use css (which I c u already have gotten results w/)
instead of trying to re-implement the painting in the

to start a qt app w/ a stylesheet:

$ qtappname -stylesheet /path/to/stylesheet.css

and a kde app:

$ kdeappname --stylesheet /path/to/stylesheet.css


$ dolpin --stylesheet /path/to/stylesheet.css
when i ask you if you "model all shapes" i think that you already told me

"This is what I do yes, this is absolutely not what u
should do if u are simply looking to style some osx
tabs, simply steal some tab pixmaps from a osx"

so this means that you didnt use pixmaps right? for example in this capture…

is that pixmaps? or you painted it everything? :D

im working i get something like that :D
I dont use pixmaps :) pixmaps are static, and does
not change dynamically according to the palette. so for example screenshot.

...pixmaps are painted also... or they are not visible.
:icondeterminedgirlplz:  Sir, you deserve my fave...and watch 
well thank u! not sure what I did to deserve it but thx! :D
Once in a while a KDE user posts up a screenshot that makes me want to defect from XFCE. Congrats on being that user today. And with the one before this, too.
dont defect from anything just because u like the look
of something else, that would be beyond stupid :) thx!
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