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December 8, 2012
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colors_galore by Th3R0b colors_galore by Th3R0b
soooo, I got tired of the dull kde default colors in kate and
wanted some professional color scheme.... have a look here [link]
for a color scheme called 'solarized', it's really good.

There are two variations, one dark (terminals), and one light(kate).


and I feel I kinda have to specify this:

NOTHING in this scrot is gtk, I hate gtk.

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Optorylpulpus Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your B::E Shell setup is really amazing as always!! I especially like the setup you have here. I'm still considering trying it out and am curious whether there is anyplace where you can get pretty decent presets of the configs which I can build up on rather than writing my own from scratch. Incidentally, I would actually ask you for your config files for your B::E Shell but I'm reluctant to as I think that may be too much to ask of you.
Well thank you! No, ofc it' not
too much to ask, however, my config
files are a mile long and you would
actually get much more results quicker
if you wrote your own :) as trying to
make sense of my config files would
take a while also. I'm at my folks over
the x-mas so I won't be uploading
anything anywhere for some time now tho.

Also, ifffff I where to upload this as
some 'style for beshell' or whatever,
then I'd really have to clean this shit
up, as the looks of it now, a monkey
would make more sense of it then anybody
else ;-) I usually just dump a shitload
of code in a text editor when I want something,
then never clean it up.

this [link] is the place where 'I learned it' :)
The config is just done by simple 'ini' syntax
so it's really easy to learn.
Optorylpulpus Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! I'll be sure to check that out.
Really nice screen... again ;)
Where can I find this wallpaper?
Thx, looks like this one? [link]
Very nice shot, man, as usual. =)
Most welcome Rob.

P.S.: Support your love to gtk :D
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