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January 30, 2012
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Minimalism_Sucks! by Th3R0b Minimalism_Sucks! by Th3R0b
Minimalism sucks and I just hate it. Even everybody who likes
minimalism sucks. I will never post a minimal screenshot... because,
minimalism sucks!
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May I ask you which font you're using ? :)
Huh? ofc you may :) ...but will you get an answer? ;-)

The font is Helvetica World.

How is the coding going?
Thank you for the font :D
Fine I was indeed using drawRoundRect instead of drawRoundedRect :)
There's still a problem though, it's that the corners of the rectangle are not equal, which it seems is a known fact.
I tried using Antialiasing but it ends up bluring all the graphics which is clearly not what I want :(
Glad you have that solved then?
corners are not equal?
antialiasing is a sort of blurring yeah but should
not look blurred at all, scrot?

Look at my scrots, I paint a really really hardly
noticeable outline on the top of my windows, does
this look something what you are after?
Here I use antialiasing.
Yeah that's totally what I'm looking for. Are you drawing the outlines using path or roundedRect ? I'm using roundedRect right now, but I'm struggling on where to put the outline code, not to have it repainted :(
As I only want some highlight kinda thing at the
top (and not around the whole window, which would
break anyways if you dont use 4px borderwidth...)
I use a path, and a gradiented pen :)

the void Client::repaint() should suffice, that is
where Thomas paints it also (when more then 4px border-
I managed to paint the double outline right. I created a rounded rect to fill in with the gradient brush. The original rectangle was painting over my outlines. But corners remains uneven, which seems to be a reccurent issue : QPainter::drawRoundedRect() drawing uneven corners and Corners of a rounded rectangle are not equally round :(

I'm really interested to know how you painted the gradient on the status/bottom bar.
Corners uneven? Scrot pls. I've never had this problem
with antialiasing on, plus, without antialiasing you
will get ugly pixelated corners. read: USE ANTIALIASING.

To paint on statusbar:
Just install an eventfilter on QStatusBar and in
the paintevent paint whatever you feel like :)

There might be some better way to do this however.
For example, bespin skips these:
registerPE(skip, PE_PanelStatusBar);
registerPE(skip, PE_FrameStatusBarItem);
you might want to try and implement these and see
if you get what you want? I'm not sure however, I
have not read the proper documentation on these,
however, you *might* be able to do it properly
using these. Using eventfilters is really
expensive (especially if you paint some fancy
gradients or stuff like that in the paintevent).

I once had so heavy painting on the docks I
could hardly resize them anymore ;-) So use
with care.
lol, why are you so upset that you can't make minimal shots and then hate everyone for it? There are plenty of lessor customizers that like your unrefined shots. But extreme minimalists like Izobalax, lynucs, miniman, akka and so forth, I'm sure will give you pointers. Just stick with what you know, no harm intended. :)
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