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Did you see this ??
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Official Trailer #1…
Ah! theres a trailer now ! no, didnt see the trailer, been waiting
for this movie a long time now, not sure if I even wanna see the
trailer come to think of it :P might contain spoilers ;-)

I usually never watch the trailers for movies Im anticipating.

Did you like what you saw? and most importantly, did you like
the first one?
Oh yeah i would suggest not watching it, if you don't want any potential spoilers.

Yeah i always liked the first one, very unique movie.

Looks like there is more characters in this one, while keeping the most of the ones from the first one.

I think this one could be better :)
yeah the first one is in its own league completely!
best movie I ever saw :)

I doubt they are able to top the first one but I
hold very high hopes for it!
Oh and it says August 22 in the trailer 
hi r0b sorry im asking here again xD well i trying to change the Tab look with css as you suggest me first, i get an osx screenshot cut a tab and well i use background-image to put it, when the tab change his size, everything looks like crap xD so searching around internet i discover some properties like border-image and border-left-image and border-right-image, so i cut my tab image in 3 parts (middle <with 1px of widith> and repeat, left and right) but then i found that border-left-image and border-right-image isn't sopported by QWidgets :S so i ask you if you have some link or property to do that.

thx for all! you really help me :D 
dont use background-image... use border-image and specify
the edges.

the black 'sysmeters' in the top panel are
painted w/ border-image here: screenshot ...this is what u want rite?
oh i see i will check that link :D, well yes, i wanna write some tabs ike that screenshot, that change dynamic with the color of the window (BTW this are my first steps so i need to learn and try a lot haha)
well if u wanna do that then maybe write a completely new
style... since bespin is very very complex and uses a lot
of hacks and adds a lot of extra functionality.

....and do it for qt5 I might add.... kde switches to qt5
sometime next year w/ the release of kde5 (afaik).
Hi Rob

I have a request for you.

I saw in your screenshots which in addition to being spectacular, the text boxes/QLineEdit do not have the gradient and have the style of the buttons, (inlay, Suken, relief, raised), this is something I really hate about bespin text boxes look ugly with gradient and dont fallow the buttons style of course in my opinion.

Might do us the favor to the community to share that modification to the source code, or maybe make a patch please. xD

for example in your screenshots

the search textbox/QLineEdit

they look amazing spectacular and follow the style of the buttons

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